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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Chat Bot

With the advent of chatbots, communication between business owners and their customers is being revolutionised as we speak. Customer service is paramount in this drive for new ways to communicate. With an automated chat bot, your company can instantly connect with customers visiting your site. They can handle ever evolving complex questions and tasks, and are increasingly becoming the norm for small and large businesses alike.

But just what benefits will your website or business truly gain from using a chat bot? Is it really worth it? To answer this, here are three reasons your business website needs a chat bot:

Staying Ahead of the Pack

Business is an ever changing landscape. In order to maintain competitiveness, you must never appear outdated. Chatbots provide cutting edge technologies which infer something about the companies which use them. In other words, that you’re forward thinking and innovative. This creates an exciting impression of what your brand, products, and services are capable. 84% of consumers say that it is very important to them that the companies they buy from be innovative. Nothing says this more than installing chatbot technologies.

Reduce Your Costs

Installing a chatbot on your website means that you can handle customer queries with a smaller customer care team. Chatbots do not signify the end of human customer care, but they allow you to automate repetitive tasks which free up you and your staff. A chatbot can handle countless simultaneous interactions, ones which would require potentially hundreds of customer care representatives if you did things the old fashioned way. Furthermore, a well-written chatbot can actually reduce call backs to your company, again freeing up you and your staff to focus on other more pressing matters. It is estimated that chatbots can reduce the cost of customer care by up to 29%. Think what your business could do with those sort of savings?

Improve Customer Care

Customer service is an essential part of your business. Positive customer interactions improve word of mouth and online reviews, bolstering your brand image. In fact, it’s so important that 55% of consumers would pay more for a better customer service. While there is no doubt that human customer service is still essential in places, many customer queries can be handled by chatbots in a way that is faster, providing a solution or answer to customers in a more direct way than is otherwise usually possible. Chatbots arm your business with the tools to handle the smaller, day-to-day queries, keeping your customers satisfied by promptly answering their questions without annoying sales jargon. And if the query cannot be answered, then it will be handed over to you or your trained customer service staff. Everybody wins.

What Are Your Experiences?

If you’ve had experiences using chatbots either as a business owner or customer, we’d love to hear what you think of these innovations. Let us know in the comments section below. And as always, if you want a premium custom website designed for your business, contact one of our experts and we’ll deliver A Dream Creation.

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