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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Website Profitable

We love seeing driven individuals create successful websites which generate profits, but it can be a daunting process. There are many traps along the way which can ensnare even the most experienced online entrepreneur and stop their website from making money. But big gains can be made if you incorporate the right strategy.

Let’s take a look then at three ways to make your website profitable.

Focus on People, Not Your Brand
When you think of starting a business, the first question you might ask yourself is “what can I sell?” But this isn’t always the right question. A better one would be: “What do people want?” You don’t have to build products in order to have a successful website – your website itself can be your product. curates amateur scary stories for people to read. They post a story twice a day and allow visitors to read those stories for free. The site was generating over $1,000 of profit per month simply in advertising revenue alone. It has since been sold to new owners for a staggering $90,000. All this by simply curating content and allowing people to consume it for free. Why did it succeed? Because it provided something people wanted in an easily digestible way.

What’s important to recognise here is that if you focus on what visitors want rather than promoting your brand, then you have a much higher chance of success.

Market Wisely

Let’s say you know what you’re going to sell. You have your product in place, but you just have to get it into the hands of customers. But your potential customers don’t even know about your product or service yet, so how are you going to make a sale? This is where an investment of both time and money into marketing comes into play. You need to invest wisely in building a marketing strategy which works for you and generates results. Get the word out to your potential audience as quickly and as effectively as possible. Money to buy ads is great if you have it, but if you don’t, there are no-cost and low-cost ways to reach people. Social media marketing, guest bloggers, networking with other businesses, building a landing pagethink through how you’re going to market your site and carry out your plan step by step.

Good Web Design

The credibility of your website is essential. You need to earn your visitor’s trust as a reliable and professional business/site and provide a killer call to action which is easily followed. Judgements on a website’s credibility are 75% based on how well designed it is. If your site isn’t easy to navigate and doesn’t load quickly, then that’s a huge turn off for any visitor. It tells them that you are not serious about your website or business. The good news is that with a well-designed website you can improve the size of your audience by as much as 117%!

The Take-Away

  • Build something people want
  • Have a clear marketing strategy



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