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Cyber Security

To Rank on Google You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Websi...

Website security is of paramount importance, that’s why Google wants all websites to install an SSL certificate. If you don’t keep your website security up to date, you could find your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. Data breaches are more common than you think. We only tend to hear about the high profile ones on ...
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3 Must Have Wordpress Plugins to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Learning how to improve your website’s SEO ranking can be time consuming. There’s a lot of ground to cover. Not to mention that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and all of your competitors will be doing their best to improve SEO rankings. So, the pressure is on to include the best SEO strategies you ...
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SEO consideration

How to avoid an SEO disaster during a website redesign?

Let’s say your site is performing great. Rankings are strong, organic search traffic is on the rise, and so is your revenue. But it’s time to give it a mini facelift – change the look and feel, move to a new CMS, improve its UI/UX, improve the speed. This is great! Because google’s algorithm loves ...
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SEO Blog Picture

Must Have SEO Strategies in 2016

It’s a game of cat and mouse – businesses constantly search for SEO strategies which work within the current online environment, only to discover that the rules have changed and an SEO approach which used to be successful no longer yields good results. This is a perpetual problem for businesses, but it also highlights why ...
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How competitive should our Keywords be?

When starting your new campaign for your company. Let’s identify the objective of your marketing. Are you a small company looking to get your web optimisation rolling? If so how can I target national keywords almost instantly? Truth is its all bogus. We have to be realistic and not give our optimiser a target of ...
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