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How competitive should our Keywords be?

When starting your new campaign for your company. Let’s identify the objective of your marketing. Are you a small company looking to get your web optimisation rolling? If so how can I target national keywords almost instantly? Truth is its all bogus. We have to be realistic and not give our optimiser a target of the number 1 spot for a national keyword with a very modest budget. Let me remind you how upset you will be in 6 months when he has barely taken you to the top 50. So what’s up is there no hope?

Well we tell all our clients with smaller budgets one thing. Use your optimisation as a long term plan. Start small. There are tons of smaller keywords that are not as competitive. Start getting a handful of 20 – 30 keywords that are very small. Disregard how many thousands of visits this keyword may have. Hundreds are fine too. Remember if the keywords are less in traffic then imagine if you got the top spots for all keywords, then with the volume of keywords the traffic will be amazing.

Also we do advise after you succeed the smaller keywords and it starts progressing your business. Move towards the more medium and higher keywords. You will find it much easier to move up as you already laid down the foundation from before. The search engine will give you a lot more recognition online too as you have already quite a wide variation of words.

Always remember that the SEO is for the long term. Don’t look for immediate gains. If you are then it maybe advised to put some Ad words budget. The organic listing is still to date the best traffic.

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