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Magento Ecommerce

Why Magento eCommerce cart?

Magento in recent times has been accredited as one of the most trusted and robust ecommerce platforms around. With its really easy to manage CMS system and eccentric ecommerce functionalities the open source functionality is seen as a gem in the industry. With promising development being done on magento extensions; predictions are that it will ...
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Mobile or responsive design

Mobile Websites vs Responsive Web Design. Which is better?

With the rise of the smart phone era, many businesses are going mobile. While the number of mobile users is ever increasing, businesses will need to keep up to ensure their websites are user friendly on the smaller screens. Most websites will scale down to be viewed on a mobile device but won’t always give ...
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Html 5 image

Why More People Should Start Using HTML 5 Today

The fact is HTML 5 will take the future of web design by storm. HTML 5 was developed with the users in mind; so what is it exactly? HTML 5 is a Hypertext Markup Language. This is the code that describes and structures web pages as we see it. A latest version of its predecessor, ...
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Shocking As Study Reveals How Few Businesses Back Up Their D...

New statistics revealed by 123-reg suggest that only 1 in 10 small businesses back up their data. This is a shocking statistic and reveals more than ever why every business owner needs to take the backing up of data more seriously. 90% Percent of Businesses Can’t Be Wrong, Can They? Unfortunately, yes they can. You ...
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