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To Rank on Google You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Website

Website security is of paramount importance, that’s why Google wants all websites to install an SSL certificate. If you don’t keep your website security up to date, you could find your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. Data breaches are more common than you think. We only tend to hear about the high profile ones on the news, but smaller data breaches are very Common. ¬†Google’s push for mandatory SSL installations on websites is a big step forward to help limit such breaches, and one website owners need to know about in order to rank properly in Google searches. Arm yourself with the correct knowledge and you can both outperform your rivals and stay relevant.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate provides your website with a cryptographic key, securing your organisation’s details from illegal access. Think of it as an insurance policy which provides your customers and website users with a secure connection directly to your web server. Without this, your visitors cannot be certain that their data is protected from malicious third parties. Worse, you could find yourself at the heart of a PR disaster if hackers gain access to sensitive data you are supposed to be protecting.

Why is an SSL certificate important?

An SSL certificate benefits your business or personal website in a number of ways:


  • It provides your customers with peace of mind while doing business with you. This creates a bond of trust and facilitates repeat business.
  • It provides you the business owner with the confidence in your own website. Without that, there is a consistent worry that data breaches will occur and that this will impact the number of sales you make, or visitors to your site.
  • With Google’s recent announcement that websites with an SSL certificate will perform better in search rankings, an SSL certificate will maximise your visibility, bringing in more customers, clients, or users.


How Do I Install an SSL Certificate?

Website security is not something which should be carried out by inexperienced site owners or admins. Security is so important to your business and your relationship with your customers, that having a website security expert install essential SSL certificates is the most sensible, practical, and low risk approach to take. At AdreamCreation Web Design, our experts can handle critical tasks such as these for your business at a competitive price. No fuss. No Hassle. Just peace of mind and better search results.


To receive a quote, simply contact one of our experts today, who will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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