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Top 3 Tips For Building the Best Landing Page

A well-designed landing page is worth its weight in gold for any business. With the right approach, your landing page will engage your potential customer base, turning browsing visitors into paying customers. A great landing page can increase your conversion rates by as much as 300% over a poorly designed one. But what really makes the difference between a landing page which generates sales and one which sinks faster than the Titanic?

There are many factors, but below are three expert tips we at A Dream Creation believe really make the difference.

#1 Headlines Are Everything

If you can’t grab a customer’s attention immediately, then your landing page is on shaky ground right from the start. That means a headline on your landing page which tells a customer what you’re selling, and why they need it in their lives. It’s all about conveying your unique selling point (USP) and value proposition. The importance of a headline which states this and encourages visitors to continue reading, therefore, cannot be understated. A recent study found that 90% of visitors to a landing page who read the headline will also read the call to action. In other words, mess up your headline and you can forget about getting a sale. Make your headline, clear, concise, and encouraging.

#2 Longer Pages Reap Rewards

While your headline should be concise, that doesn’t mean that your entire landing page should be. The length of your page will rely entirely on what your product/service is, and how in-depth you wish to describe it. A successful landing page has to strike the right balance between providing useful information about a product or service and not boring the reader to death! But if you make your landing page too short then you won’t have enough copy to influence the potential customer. Marketing Experiments found that longer landing pages can generate 220% more leads than much shorter pages!

#3 Using Video

There are three main ways to engage a visitor via your landing page; text, images, and video. A combination of all three is useful, but many businesses forget to utilize the power of video as a selling tool. Eyeview Digital discovered that including an informative autoplaying video for first-time visitors was enough to increase conversion rates by 86%. That’s a crazy amount, right? And can you believe that many overlook it? On your landing page, try to include a short, informative, and welcoming video which gets to the point about your product or service and why visitors need it in their lives. This is a great  way to add a personal touch to your sales pitch, especially if the video is presented by a friendly face.

Designing an Effective Landing Page

Your landing page is your portal to your product or service. It has to be laid out correctly, function properly, and above all, it has to encourage visitors to go that extra step and purchase your product or service. First impressions count, and so does speed. Just a one-second delay in loading, and your landing page will lose as many as 7% of customers. So, make sure your website is designed to the highest of standards, and if you need any assistance in taking your website or landing page to the next level, contact A Dream Creation today.


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