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Landing page

How to Build a Killer Landing Page

Your product or service needs an effective landing page – it’s that simple. Recent studies have shown that it only takes 1/10th of a second for a person to gain a first impression. Consumers think quickly, and if your landing page doesn’t convey the desired professionalism and marketing message which you want it to, you’re ...
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Social Media icons

No Social Media – No Business

Without social media no modern business can survive. This might seem extreme, but as a business owner you need to know that without it your company will struggle. It’s not a question of how good your product is. It doesn’t even come down to good old fashioned customer service. No, you need social media because ...
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Increase Sales

How to increase sales through a strong call to action

‘I have so many visitors but I do not get enough sales’, ‘my site is just not doing it for me’ ‘my site looks great but just does not generate’. These are some of the cliché dialogues used by a lot of our clients before coming to us. You probably were there yourself. The question ...
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Sales Techniques

How to increase sales using classical techniques

We are at times were everything is very intricate and precise. As a business owner you are not only selling your product or service but yourself and your place of trade. We have all read millions of articles on how to sell yourself or your product but no one ever talks about the link between ...
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How competitive should our Keywords be?

When starting your new campaign for your company. Let’s identify the objective of your marketing. Are you a small company looking to get your web optimisation rolling? If so how can I target national keywords almost instantly? Truth is its all bogus. We have to be realistic and not give our optimiser a target of ...
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Carlo Volpi

How wide should my website be?

During work or a casual meal outside, if a conversation sparks out about what you do and you disclose you’re in web world they always have one similar question. How wide should my website be? This is a great question as the questioner is aware of the ever changing styles and width of a given ...
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British Flag

Web design London

Websites provide a whole new technical edge and also online appeal to your already existing business or a brand new one. Apart from this, certain businesses are entirely online and require specialized expertise in web designing and development. Selling your products, fixing appointments, catering information, classified services all are being made online. The digital marketing ...
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HTTP image

Web design Companies and their mishaps

Many web design companies have a strict no phone or meeting attitude. Well to be honest that can be a very frustrating and painful experience. I would suggest to try a company who excel in customer service. Yes it is about quality but quality is a reflection of service. At a adreamcreation we have a ...
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Jack Dorsey

The Power of Social Media

We live in a world where the cyber world has taken over. People going from rags to riches over night through social media platforms. Its amazing how much the popularity has shifted across the last 5 years. With Facebook only yesterday announcing there 1 billion user landmark you can imagine how important it must be ...
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Business From Home

Tips for starting your home business

There are a lot of ways to start off your internet home business. Many are under the assumptions that once they put a website together that it will miraculously start to generate income. Having such delusions can become costly. Why I say that is because having a high morale to start off and continue your ...
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