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WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress Vs. Blogger: Which One is Best?

Building a blog is a tried and tested way to improve your website’s reach. That’s why 53% of marketers believe blog content is their number one priority. And the results from this are clear: websites and businesses which prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to earn a positive return on investment. There are many ...
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Creating the Best Backlinks

The Best Way to Build Backlinks for Your Website

Much has been written about backlinking and its effect on search rankings. There’s a bunch of misinformation out there about whether they are still useful, some claiming that Google no longer uses them to rank websites. However, this is incorrect and could cost your website valuable customers and/or visitors. Backlinks are still important. But don’t ...
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Online Store

3 Key Strategies for a Successful Online Store

96% of consumers have made online purchases in the US alone. 67% of millennials actually prefer to shop online rather than in physical stores, and that trend is on the rise. With stats like these, it doesn’t take a Bill Gates to see that having an online store where customers can buy products, is absolutely ...
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Phone emails

How to configure your emails on your Android device

The following article is a tutorial on how to set up your email on your Android device. Before you start you will need the following information, you can get this from the hosting company or your web designer. Requirements your email address example your email password Incoming Mail Server Outgoing Mail Server   CONFIGURE ...
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Innovate with Chatbots

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Chat Bot

With the advent of chatbots, communication between business owners and their customers is being revolutionised as we speak. Customer service is paramount in this drive for new ways to communicate. With an automated chat bot, your company can instantly connect with customers visiting your site. They can handle ever evolving complex questions and tasks, and ...
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Wordpress Security Plugins

Make Your Wordpress Site Safe with these Six Plugins

In 2015, over 177,000 hacking attempts were recorded. Such attempts are increasing year on year, with 2017 set to be the biggest year yet for hackers. This is a worrying trend for businesses, especially when you consider that 90% of businesses are hacked on a yearly basis. For both small and large websites, it is ...
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Cyber Security

To Rank on Google You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Websi...

Website security is of paramount importance, that’s why Google wants all websites to install an SSL certificate. If you don’t keep your website security up to date, you could find your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. Data breaches are more common than you think. We only tend to hear about the high profile ones on ...
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Security Breach

Four Essential Ways to Keep Your Website Safe Online

Knowing how to protect your website from hackers is essential. Unfortunately, no one is completely safe from malware and other forms of computer viruses. Even hospitals have been targeted by such malicious software. Whether your website is just a hobby, contains personal information, or is a part of your business, without adequate protection from hackers, ...
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3 Must Have Wordpress Plugins to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Learning how to improve your website’s SEO ranking can be time consuming. There’s a lot of ground to cover. Not to mention that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and all of your competitors will be doing their best to improve SEO rankings. So, the pressure is on to include the best SEO strategies you ...
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SEO consideration

How to avoid an SEO disaster during a website redesign?

Let’s say your site is performing great. Rankings are strong, organic search traffic is on the rise, and so is your revenue. But it’s time to give it a mini facelift – change the look and feel, move to a new CMS, improve its UI/UX, improve the speed. This is great! Because google’s algorithm loves ...
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